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Accelerating Cures for Cancer


Why are so few cancer trials conducted in the community setting, even though the overwhelming majority of cancer patients are treated there?

Guardian Research Network is a national consortium of regional community health systems with experienced cancer research programs. Collectively, our members treat almost 500,000 cancer patients, and interact with 40,000 new cancer patients annually.

sb-importantGRN solves two clinical trial completion problems:

  • Fast study startup: GRN members use a single contract and commercial IRB(s). GRN manages startup activities on their behalf and serves as a single point of contact for industry clients
  • Speed to Accrual: Real-time automated queries of our EMR data warehouse immediately identifies eligible trial patients

sb-checkedProtocol Optimization:

  • GRN’s vast data warehouse and experienced clinicians can help deliver the best trial protocol
  • GRN’s platform is updated daily, ensuring the most current cancer landscape
  • Sponsors can test protocol modifications ‘in silico’ to determine trial impact
  • Sponsors can survey practicing Trialist Oncologists for feedback on protocol design
  • All subjects in Protocol Analytics are actual cancer patients, and available for trials

sb-questionObservational Controls and Analytics:

  • GRN can provide both trial subjects and age and demographics-matched ‘virtual’ controls for rapid signal finding results
  • GRN can provide a highly annotated, complete observational cohort for next generation trials, where eligible subjects are rare
  • Observational cohorts are twice reviewed and submitted via Sponsor’s choice of EDC
  • GRN’s partnership with hospitals allows full source document verification for regulatory audits

In addition to accelerating clinical trials, GRN empowers pharma clients to expand their understanding of real-world trends in oncology care and outcomes by analyzing anonymized aggregate data from among the high volume of charts in our EMR data warehouse. Furthermore, we can create a customized “synthetic control group” from these data in order to optimize the designs of your planned studies.

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