The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has called for an overhaul of the US clinical trials system to match the realities of science and technology today. The current system is at a critical juncture, inefficient and cumbersome — taking as much as two years to design, approve and activate a trial and an average of 10 years to fully accrue patients. A robust, efficient, free-standing cancer clinical trials network is essential to effectively translate discoveries into more immediate clinical benefits for patients.

The Guardian Research Network uses real-time data feeds from electronic health records (EHR) to create a national data repository of patients that will rapidly expand to hundreds of community hospitals, health systems and cancer centers across the country. The Guardian Research Network will dramatically increase the number of patients available for trials through their local communities and reduce the time to accrue patients.

A new solution is needed. The new model for bringing clinical trials to the local community makes sense for everyone involved — and the benefits are enormous.