Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute Collaboration Publishes New Cancer Genomic Research

Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute researchers recently collaborated with scientists from Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida, and Merck Co, Inc. in New Jersey, to publish a cancer genomic research article in PLOS ONE.

The article was on the “Co-Evolution of Somatic Variation in Primary and Metastatic Colorectal Cancer May Expand Biopsy Indications in the Molecular Era.” This is the fifth research publication the Gibbs Research team has been featured in since the laboratory opened in April 2013.

Metastasis, or the development of a new tumor at a distant site for a cancer patient, is responsible for more than 90 percent of mortality in cancer patients. The Gibbs research team used next-generation sequencing to review the molecular profiles of tissue specimens to better understand the metastatic process in colorectal cancer. These findings justify the need for a new biopsy of the metastatic site to better understand the acquired resistance, or new actionable mutations. This helps with offering patients the best personalized cancer treatment.

These research outcomes are one of several ways that Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute is advancing precision medicine and advanced cancer treatment.

The entire journal article can be found on the PLOS ONE website.

About PLOS One

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