Guardian Research Network (GRN) is comprised of integrated community health systems with experienced cancer research programs. Collectively our members are treating almost 500,000 cancer patients, and see 40,000 new cancer patients each year.

Guardian Research Network addresses four key points for the drug development innovators:

  1. Speed to Accrual: We will find the right patient at the right time for your trial, and not take years while eligible patients slip through the cracks. High-speed, real-time data feeds from the Guardian Research Network will immediately identify the exact group of patients needed to test the newest cutting-edge drugs, devices, and lab tests.
  2. Open the study where the patients are – not where you hope they’ll be: Guardian Research Network’s real-time electronic prescreening of EMR – including a virtual reading of progress notes and reports – facilitates a just in time approach to opening a site. This contrasts with the current approach of casting a wide net by opening trials up at many sites and hoping to accrue a few based on historical performance.
  3. Fast and efficient study startup: Guardian Research Network members have agreed to a common set of contract terms and can use commercial IRBs. Guardian Research Network handles startup activities on their behalf and serves as a single point of contact for industry clients.
  4. Operational Excellence and Quality: Experienced trialists and committed health systems with existing research staff conduct the study in close collaboration with a Guardian Research Network Project Manager to ensure on-time enrollment. Our Project Manager is the primary interface with sponsors/CROs’ project teams, streamlining communications.


In addition to accelerating clinical trials, Guardian Research Network collaborates with pharma clients to help them understand real-world trends in oncology care and outcomes by analyzing anonymized aggregate data from among the hundreds of thousands of charts in our EMR data warehouse. These data can also be used to create a customized synthetic control group to optimize the designs of your planned studies.

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