Key executives in the Guardian Research Network have significant industry experience. The Guardian Research Network understands in great detail the process and issues of the life science industry. The leadership with its partners will change the way research is coordinated globally. To do this, we will address four key points for the drug development innovators:

  1. Speed to Accrual: We will find the “right patient” for Pharma within weeks not years. In other words, high-speed, real-time data feeds from the Guardian Research Network will immediately identify the exact group of patients needed to test the newest cutting-edge drugs.
  2. Reduced Screen Failures: Patients will be identified by the Guardian Research Network and trials will be opened only at those specific sites where viable, actionable patients reside. This contrasts with the current approach of casting a net, opening trials up at many sites and hoping to accrue a few based on historical performance. This will be a paradigm shift for Pharma and offers a dramatically shorter start-up and completion time for a clinical trial.
  3. Pre-Clinical Research Information: IRB compliant single source provider of: tissue procurement, electronic health data, molecular profile and imaging.
  4. Quality: Experienced trialists and committed health systems with existing research staff.