December 12th, 2018

GRN Secures Multiple Cancer Research Projects That Will Enroll 850 Patients in 2019

Guardian Research Network has reached agreements with industry sponsors to use its proprietary EMR-mining software to enhance enrollment across multiple cancer research studies in 2019. The studies, which will be enrolled throughout GRN’s nationwide network of community health systems, involve non-small cell lung cancer, metastatic breast cancer, and several other solid tumor and hematologic indications. GRN expects to enroll at least 850 patients across the protocols.

GRN’s technology identifies cancer patients that meet eligibility criteria for research studies via an automated query of data and information in the medical charts of almost 500,000 current cancer patients, all of which have been shared by GRN’s hospital partners under strict HIPAA-compliant data use agreements. The “always on” query automatically refreshes and adds patients as they become eligible, which saves its partners valuable prescreening time while ensuring that eligible patients are identified in time. GRN communicates query results with its partners using its proprietary TrialMatcher ™ software.

“These study awards help GRN fulfill its mission to accelerate cures for cancer by making it easier to conduct research studies in the community setting, where almost 9 out 10 cancer patients are treated,” said Mark Watson, MD, Ph.D., the Chief Operating Officer of GRN. “Our steady growth shows that industry sponsors recognize the need to break away from traditional study recruitment methods so that vitally necessary new cancer treatments can be approved sooner.”


Guardian Research Network

Guardian Research Network is a nationwide consortium of not-for-profit health systems that has established the infrastructure to store, analyze, integrate, and query large amounts of biological data and related information and uses advanced computing, intimate provider knowledge and mathematics to physically store, structure, analyze, and understand unique patient profiles. The common database, the proprietary EMR-mining software, its structured architecture and research compliant format allow for the rapid identification of molecularly and clinically defined subpopulations to support targeted clinical trials, provide new treatment insights and accelerate cures for cancer. The goals of Guardian Research Network are to accelerate cures for cancer and dramatically increase clinical trial access, allowing patients to stay close to home and receive the best therapies, while at the same time revolutionizing the drug development process. To learn more, visit: