October 2012

Bruce Holstien, Chief Executive Officer, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, and Timothy Yeatman, MD envision the Guardian Research Network

October 2012

Timothy Yeatman, MD joins Guardian Research Network as President and Chief Scientific Officer

May 2013

Third-party business validation assessment completed

August 2013

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System commits $15 million donation to advance cancer research.

September 2013

Mark Watson, MD, PhD joins Guardian Research Network as Chief Operating Officer

November 2013

Development and implementation of data warehousing system

Engage and identify potential network partners

December 2013

Development of legal roadmap

July 2014

Evaluation and selection of molecular sequencing and bioinformatics partners

Selection of patient engagement website provider

August 2014

Forms international alliances and develops cancer-quality improvement initiatives

September 2014

Onboarding of Gibbs Cancer Center as lighthouse system

Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute site production complete (base data load)

Data curation and validation with successful testing

October 2014

Selection of Guardian Research Network founders

December 2014

Guardian Research Network, Inc. incorporates as nonprofit organization

January 2015

Hire of Caio Max S. Rocha Lima, MD as CMO

May 2015

IRB protocol accepted by WIRB on first pass

June 2015

Forms strategic partnership for NextGen sequencing

August 2015

Launch use of Guardian TrialMatchersSM at Gibbs

July 2015

First hospital system joins GRN

September 2015

Onboarding of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th systems

December 2015

Baptist Health joins the Guardian Research Network

December 2015

Bon Secours joins the Guardian Research Network

December 2015

Mercy Hospital joins the Guardian Research Network

December 2015

Wake Forest joins the Guardian Research Network

More to come