Strategic Value

  • Provide Novel Therapies
  • Strengthen Physician Recruitment & Retention
  • Increase Market Share
  • Enhance Image Reputation

Financial Value

  • Increase Ancilary Service Volume
  • Enhance Donor Opportunities
  • Reduce Patient Outmigration
  • Attract New Patients
  • New & Increased Revenue Streams

Quality Value

  • Extend Life
  • Improve Population Health
  • Enhance Physician Workflow

A Message from our Chairman

Dear Colleagues:

Through the mapping of the human genome, the revolution in cancer genetics is providing a new hope for cure. As leaders, we are called to action for each patient, each survivor, every friend and our loved ones touched by cancers awful clutch.

We serve as a critical juncture in medicines history and only collectively working together can we promulgate new treatments for disease and provide the healing our patients expect.

We invite you to join us and be a leader in this journey through entry to the Guardian Research Network, where collectively and collaboratively, we accelerate cures for disease.

Warm Regards,

Bruce Holstien
Chairman & CEO