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Health Systems

Translating real world data into the promise of precision medicine with our Partners.

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Life Sciences

Translating secure data into accelerated clinical trials, diagnostic studies and therapeutic options.

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GRN, Congressional Subcommittee Hearing with Dr. Ler...
GRN's involvement, along with Google and Providence, in the "Beyond the Human Genome" project. During a hearing of the Subcommittee on Energy & Commerce, Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D. shared testimony in this 65-second video clip.

GRN Mission

Accelerate cures and improve the lives of patients treated in community healthcare settings.

Bruce Holstien - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
From Our Leadership

"Guardian Research Network harnesses the power of big data to aggregate hundreds of thousands of patients’ electronic medical records from multiple integrated community health systems."

Bruce Holstien

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Network Partners
Network Partners

Accelerate Cures For Better Patient Care

Align health system data with technology, subject matter experts and passionate problem solvers.

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Life Sciences
Life Sciences

Accelerate Faster Cure Development

Equip Life Sciences companies with data and insights to drive research and development.

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