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What you get Banner

True partner support with a proven approach

Accelerate the benefits of precision medicine by leveraging the experience, resources, and infrastructure of a national-scale partner known for high quality in the research industry.​

​Do the right thing for you, your patients, and the community. Minimize costs and develop additional revenue streams not tied to third-party payors, while improving precision medicine options and novel treatment opportunities.

Reap the benefits of precision medicine trials​
  • Fast, data-driven trial feasibility with limited burden
  • New revenue streams and opportunities
  • Improved patient experiences and care options
Unlock the promise of Real World Data
  • EMR/EHR data access across the network​
  • Research-grade clinical insights and precision medicine options
  • Disease specific, longitudinal patient records
  • Proactive outreach for screenings and routine services
Attain trial operations excellence
  • Limit out-migration with additional options
  • Next-gen data management access
  • Novel therapeutic treatments within the community
  • Proven experience, resources and infrastructure
What you get

Security & Compliance

Securely transfer and transform HIPAA-compliant real world data. Trust your information to sophisticated encryption and a secure IT warehouse for protected EMR, tissue, and genomic and molecular records used with advanced data science tools, including AI, ML, NLP and state-of-the-art data management.

Interested in learning more about how we help our members translate healthcare data into cures?​