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Accelerated time to market and to cures.

Powered by a national data system, GRN initiates clinical trials faster and more cost-effectively than any other network. Combining clinical experts and operational teams who function as a single entity, we drill deeper into real world data with multi-faceted disease knowledge. ​

In addition, our attention to PHI security allows only GRN and select study coordinators at trial sites to have access to patient identities.

Access innovative eligibility technology for trial matching ​

Identify eligible patients for trial matching and precision diagnostic studies combining the best of technology and humanity. Both our proprietary matching software and our proven clinical validation experts can have a positive impact on your study planning, execution and conclusion for faster starts and better outcomes.

  • Identify 100% of those eligible with no-patient-left-behind approach​
  • Get daily eligibility updates with always-on queries
  • Meticulously “read” files using proprietary NLP and AI/ML
  • Quickly track trial candidates via cloud-based, communications portal
  • Easily share study protocols, patient notes and enrollment information
  • Mitigate site burden for more predictable enrollment​
  • Integrate hospital networks to engage study operations and coordinators
  • Supplement with clinician-verified review

Powerful technology for trial matching & diagnostic studies

Use deep real world data and sophisticated analytics​​

Access more than 2 million potential patients and secure data that goes well beyond traditional EMR/EHRs to include:

  • Tumor morphology and histology​
  • Labs, specialized tests and imaging​​
  • Advanced & molecular biomarkers​
  • Genetic profiles & genomic sequencing
  • First, second, third line, etc., course of treatment​​
  • Patient characteristics and status​
  • Tele-health, pharmacy and insurance details​

Deep data, data science (RWD) & sophisticated analytics

Optimize the mountain of real world data available with real-time data science analytics, including:

  • Discrete data queries
  • Biostatistical algorithms
  • Virtual/external comparators​​​
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)​
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)
  • Cohort outcomes analysis​
Save time and money with virtual comparators​​

The complexity of clinical studies has outpaced the ability to evaluate and optimize design and recruitment. Studies are often challenging due to ethics, expense, time or lack of ground-level information.

Virtual comparator trials (aka in silico trials or synthetic controls) offer an alternative to efficiently evaluating new diagnostics or therapeutics by simulating patients and offering:

  • Access to a proven database of specimens linked with critical clinical data​
  • Ability to optimize inclusions/exclusions and trial design​​​
  • No enrollment effort or costs of site coordinators, recruitment or CRO time
  • Significantly reduced time constraints with existing data comparators

Virtual comparator simulation