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Combining the best of technology and humanity.

Health systems and providers are our Partners—especially those in underserved communities, with patients who merit the same access to leading-edge trials as those who live near national treatment centers.​

To back this belief, GRN combines our national data system with clinical expertise. This expands options for patients and generates revenue to support your mission.

Access powerful eligibility technology for trial matching​​

Identify eligible patients for studies combining the best of technology and humanity—including proprietary trial matching software and our proven clinical validation.

  • Identify 100% of those eligible with our no-patient-left-behind approach​
  • Meticulously “read” files using proprietary NLP and AI/ML​​
  • Quickly track trial candidates via cloud-based, communications portal
  • Easily share study protocols, patient notes and enrollment information ​
  • Add GRN resources to perform pre-study feasibility​
  • Augment your clinical research staff

Powerful technology for trial matching & diagnostic studies

Use deep real world data and sophisticated analytics​​

Access more than 2 million potential patients and secure data that goes well beyond traditional EMR/EHRs to include:

  • Tumor morphology and histology​​
  • Labs, specialized tests and imaging​
  • Advanced & molecular biomarkers​
  • Genetic profiles & genomic sequencing
  • First, second, third line, etc., course of treatment​
  • Patient characteristics and status​
  • Tele-health, pharmacy and insurance details​

Deep data, data science (RWD) & sophisticated analytics

Optimize the mountain of real world data available with real-time data science analytics, including:

  • Discrete data queries ​
  • Biostatistical algorithms
  • Virtual/external comparators​​
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)
  • Cohort outcomes analysis
  • Cohorts for all of clinical studies saved, GRN and others​
Leverage precision medicine tissue and blood studies​​

Access precision medicine trials from cutting-edge diagnostic companies as a new frontier for Partners. Employ curated datasets of surgical tissue and molecular profile data leveraging tissue as a value-enhancing asset.​

  • Access member-only NGS resources, e.g. precision medicine database
  • Build on our pioneering reputation using precision medicine and surgical specimens linked with clinical data​​​
  • Optimize prospectively consented specimens collected under a distinct IRB protocol​
  • Minimize resources depending on tissue handling requirements​
  • Ease enrollment with fewer time demands on physicians

Precision Medicine - Tissue/blood diagnostic studies