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Dig deeper. Enroll more. Refine analytics. Access opportunity.​

As a GRN Partner, you gain access to technology and expertise that helps you make sense of unstructured and often incomplete EMR/EHR data and put it to better use. Through our proprietary IT platform, we help Partners improve their quality of care by improving patient experiences. You also benefit from real world data that expands potential revenue streams and lowers the cost of care—not to mention improves the use of precision medicine and patient outcomes.

Powerful technology for matching patients to trials

Deep data,
data science (RWD) & sophisticated analytics

Precision medicine from tissues/blood diagnostic studies

Our vision
Our vision

To expand the health system network using your data combined with our expertise and unique leave-no-patient-behind approach with Real World Data (RWD) to drive clinical outcomes, precision medicine and added potential to our Partner sites.

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