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​Our nationwide network empowers you to access deep real world data for precision diagnostics and therapeutics on more than 2 million patients. GRN helps you make sense of unstructured EMR/EHR data—including filling in the gaps that inevitably exist based on how providers capture information. ​

Through our proprietary IT platform, GRN cuts weeks and months from trial timelines with harmonized, queryable HIPAA-compliant data, including tissue, genomic and molecular data, and advanced analytic tools. We offer accelerated patient identification, optimized study design based on RWD, and cost-effective clinical trials with external comparator arm simulations, for example.

Powerful technology for matching patients to trials

Deep data, data science (RWD) & sophisticated analytics

External or virtual comparator arm


Our approach to clinical trials provides you with both advanced technology and personal insight from the trenches, including answers to key questions about the completeness and quality of data you need for the success of your study. While many may say they use EMR/EHR, we’ve learned there are key questions you should ask about the depth of the data available.

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Are discrete data current? Informative? Limited to one provider?​

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Are simple data static? What about genomic results, ECOG/PS or hospice status?​

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How do you handle complex data and hand-written clinician notes?​

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What processes are used for genetic or molecular diagnoses, studies or treatment?​

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What are your allowances for clinician judgment or timing issues? ​

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