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Access clinical and data science experts

Unlock your potential.

Our experienced technology and research savvy team enables you to unlock deep real world data with sophisticated analytics and sharp clinical aptitude to drive development and accelerate regulatory approvals.​

With GRN, you get to bring safe and effective new therapies or diagnostics to market quickly and efficiently. We get a little closer to our mission of accelerating cures for life-threatening diseases.

How we do it

Deep real world data, deeper disease knowledge

How we do it

No-patient-left-behind with always-on queries

How we do it

Hospital network integration to engage study operations

How we do it

Sophisticated analytics for data-driven precision diagnostics and clinically meaningful insight

How we do it

Impactful planning, execution, conclusions for faster starts

How we do it

Site burden mitigation for more reliable enrollment​


Gain insights from real world data, including PHI, secure EMR, and encrypted patient detail beyond traditional industry data sources.

The Power & the Promise of Technology​

Harness GRN’s advanced technology to address data challenges in patient eligibility, precision diagnostics and therapeutics, and the growing demands of real world data for clinical research. Our innovative technology acumen helps you to improve efficiency in data-driven trials, including NLP, AI and ML to help automate and amplify data, create comparator cohort simulations, or simply unleash critical information faster.

That’s the power and the promise of translating data into cures.

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Patient Eligibility Portal
secure, cloud-based communication with study coordinators

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technology combined with human perspective

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Advanced NLP, AI & ML
interprets critical insights, identifies eligibiles, and uses real world data in clinical research

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Next generation
data analysis, management tools &amp innovative precision medicine trials​


Speed data-driven precision medicine trials and patient identification for clinical trials from nearly 35 million patients with all disease types. Expand use of RWD with deep integrity and integrated analyses. Optimize therapeutic and precision diagnostic study design with a more complete picture of patient experiences that give you greater insight into research and development.

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Cancer Patients
Patients Enrolled in Clinical Trials
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