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Patients and partners.

Active Patient Population Diversity.

Comments from our partners.

“We would not have had access to—or even known about—this treatment [head and neck immunotherapy] without our relationship with Guardian Research. The hope is that the addition of the intra-tumor injection will improve outcomes for our current patients and those in the future."

Robert D. Siegel​, MD FACP FASCO

Oncology/Hematology Program Director, Bon Secours, St. Francis Cancer Center

"GRN’s rich database and wide network of community patients and treating physicians accelerates Oncocyte’s time to market considerably. GRN’s value in supporting the whole pipeline brings us deep, highly-curated RWD, expert data scientists, and knowledgeable clinical operations teams to rapidly identify patients for registration. And in parallel, GRN keeps their physicians informed of trials in real-time. The team is incredibly supportive and helpful.”

Ronnie Andrews

Chief Executive Officer, Oncocyte

“GRN is an all-encompassing, trusted partner that gives us confidence in their rich data, patient enrollment, site activation and population diversity. We know they’re reliable and in concert with what we’re looking for. It’s hard to replicate that in the scale and comfort-level GRN brings.”

Sam Asgarian, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Thrive, an Exact Sciences Company

“We are grateful to Guardian Research Network for its dedication to advancing new technologies for early cancer detection, and for playing a pivotal role in the development of Galleri. A simple blood test capable of detecting more than 50 cancers is a ground-breaking advancement, and could have a tremendous human and economic benefit.”

Dr. Josh Ofman

Chief Medical Officer and Head of External Affairs, GRAIL

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